The 6th of August 2021 marked the closure meeting of 10 mentees and 11 mentors who were part of the first (1st) cohort of ZaWARD’s yearlong mentorship program. Due to prevailing COVID-19 restrictions the meeting was held virtually. It started with remarks from the ZaWARD Chairperson Mrs. Mutibo Chijikwa-Mushenywa who commended both the mentees and the mentors for successfully completing the program. She stressed that mentorship relationships are not without their challenges, seen from busy schedules, unexpected hurdles that life throws our way, delayed completion of our goals, among others but she echoed the importance of continuing to push forward because for as long as we do not give up success will be a sure thing. She further urged the mentees especially to pass on the knowledge and skills they had gained through the program on to others by becoming mentors themselves.

A presentation on the mentorship synopsis for cohort 1 was then made by the Mentorship Committee Chairperson Dr. Chapwa Kasoma-Teklemariam. She took attendees through their journey which started from a Mentorship Orientation Workshop (MOW) that took place on the 22nd of February 2021. During the MOW mentors and mentees were paired, they were introduced to mentorship as a concept and what it involves, the process as well as the expectations and roles of both parties involved. After going through the MOW she touched on the outcomes of the program; feedback, success stories and how successful the overall program was. The first Cohort of the mentorship program was deemed to be a success with majority of the participants (79%) saying the program met its expectations. Feedback was gotten from those who felt that the program did not meet their expectations and their feedback has been used to ensure that the upcoming cohorts are even more successful.

Dr. Kasoma-Teklemariam ended her presentation by looking at some unhealthy behaviours that hinder our progress through the use of animal codes and was summarised with the following key points:

Characterize and know own unhealthy attitude

Understand how it affects your mentorship relationship

Reject its influence on your progress

Boldly take responsibility & own your journey

Certificates were then presented to the mentees and mentors to mark the closure of the event.



ZaWARD held its first ever mentorship webinar from the 9th to the 11th of August 2021. The main purpose of the webinar was to help both ZaWARD and non-ZaWARD students and professionals fully understand what mentorship is due to a lot of misconceptions surrounding the topic. Speakers were drawn from the University of Zambia, PRS 365, Copperbelt University, ZaWARD, Active Business Solutions, Zambia National Stem Foundation and Destiny Peak Pro.

Day one (1) of the webinar started with an introduction to mentorship, looking at what mentorship is, what mentorship is not, the different types of mentorship and the benefits of mentorship. This was followed by a presentation on engaging in mentorship which detailed who mentorship is for and when one should seek mentorship. The day was concluded with an interactive session on the different types of mentorship.

Day two (2) of the mentorship webinar was focused on the topic of goal setting and the day’s events were kick started by a Panel Discussion with Dr. Hilton Mwaba who is a Lecturer/Researcher at the Copperbelt University, Dr. Bridget Bwalya-Umar who is a Senior Lecturer/Researcher at the University of Zambia and Ms. Ednah Ngoma who is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of PRS 365. The panel discussion was followed by a summary on goal setting by the Founder/Director of Zambian National STEM Foundation, Mr. Michelo Moonga. Both the panel discussion and the summary served the purpose of providing tips on how to set goals, common mistakes made when setting goals, turning goals into results and how to prioritize goals.

The third and final day of the webinar was dedicated to the broader concept of identifying a mentor. This session of conducted by the renowned life coach Reverend Walter Mwambazi who dwelled on the following issues: Issues of synergy, Self-awareness, Difference between coaching and mentorship, Role of mentor, Role of mentee, How to approach a mentor and How to handle conflicts in a mentorship relationship.


ZaWARD mentorship webinar



ZaWARD held a career talk at the University of Zambia (UNZA) on the 29th of October, 2021. This was in line with one of the organization’s main thrusts on career-development interventions which equip women and men professionals to contribute more effectively to poverty alleviation and food security in the nation. One of our flagship activities is ‘Career Talks and Role Modelling’ through which more accomplished women and men inspire students and upcoming professionals through sharing of first hand experiences of their career journeys.

The career talk exposed students to different careers in the Natural Sciences where we had the following careers being talked about; entomology, microbiology, natural resources management, public health, veterinary medicine and agricultural science. Speakers at the event walked students through their career journey; how the selected their course of study, challenges they faced, how they overcame challenges, their motivations and where they are currently. This serves the purpose of showing students that there exists a world of possibilities with their current course of study and serves to motivate them. It is our hope that this will inspire the students to sharpen their focus on their career journeys, keep them motivated and not be demoralized in case they were quartered into different programs than they originally planned for.


ZaWARD has five (4) new interns that have joined the team. Read a little about them and get to know them below:

Natasha Faith Phiri


Hello, my name is Natasha Faith Phiri. I am a graduate from The University of Zambia with a Bachelor's Degree in Library and Information Science with Development Studies. I am passionate about seeing lives changed and empowered as well as learning new things. In the next 5years I see myself obtaining my Master’s degree in Human Relations and I believe as most NGOs have human development at heart, I see myself working in the NGO sector that goes in line with my goals of serving and working through humanitarian work.

Febby Namutowe


Febby Namutowe holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Studies with Public Administration from the University of Zambia. She further received training in records management and various human resource functions which includes among others data entry into the human resource information system. She believes in networking with other people as a way of learning new trends, skillsets and learning about new opportunities. Networking aligns very well with her current role at ZaWARD and her passion for agriculture which is very fundamental with regards to achieving the organization's objectives.

Febby is a poultry farmer and in the next five years, she sees herself as a poultry consultant and managing over 10,000 broiler chickens and about 20,000 layers.

Verms Kasama


Verms Kasama is a data analyst and researcher with a great understanding of statistical data analysis softwares. He is a recent graduate from the University of Zambia, where he majored in Economics with a minor in Development Studies. Verms is currently a part time college and private tutor and now dreams of becoming a monitoring and evaluation specialist in the next 5 years. Verms is a Tech-lover and book reader from Lusaka. 

Pelony Nampanzye


As a keen lover of plants and animals, Pelony Nampanzye has dreamed of becoming one of the richest young farmers in Zambia since the age of 16. Pelony has a Bachelor’s degree in Science Agriculture from Mulungushi University where she got an opportunity to do agricultural internship in Israel for a year while still studying for her degree. She further has a diploma in advanced agriculture from Ramat Negev Israel.

Pelony is working towards her dream of being one of the recognized young farmers in Zambia by 2023. She has started farming and is currently keeping 700 broilers and has grown about a hectare of onions. Looking into the future she wishes to advance in her academics because she believes in learning new things every day.