ZaWARD’s work is intended to contribute to the growth of the  Agricultural Sector in Zambia. Direct beneficiaries among others include; small holder farmers that benefit from activities such as applied research, trainings and workshops in various disciplines of agriculture based on the farmers’ needs, young women and girls in Universities, Colleges and High Schools who receive early mentorship and career guidance as well as exposure to ZaWARD networks.
Additionally, members of the ZaWARD  benefit from the visibility as well as platform to carry out collaborative research and publications that  increase their authority in their various disciplines as researchers.ZaWARD members also have an opportunity to access research funding, Scholarships, job opportunities and internships through networks established by ZaWARD.


ZaWARD provides a platform for collaborative research and joint publications amongst women in the agricultural sector.


Community service through workshops and seminars for small holder farmers and other stakeholders as well as consultation on various topics in agriculture.


ZaWARD promotes the exchange of innovative technologies to contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector.


ZaWARD has a mentorship program, where experienced senior members have been paired with junior members that are not as experienced in their fields. This has created a platform for career development, sharing of experiences by mentors and enhancement of among others research, science and leadership skills of the mentees.



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