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LS Ukrainian (Gentle) Angels Sets 34-50 335 2022 [New]




650 S. The centre of cultural activity in the city was the University. For centuries, the city was ruled by its princes, until 1703, when the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, defeated the Crimean Tatar leaders, and made it the seat of power in Ukraine. The remains of the old city can be traced in the main streets. The massive walls of the cathedral and the number of interesting monuments and museums (including the Museum of Russian Culture) add interest to the city. Trebizond is located on the Turkish coast about 40 km (25 miles) from the historical city of Tenedos. The city is surrounded by impenetrable cliffs and the bay of Bosporus is about 9 km (5.5 miles) away. Trebizond is renowned for its ancient ruins and is a popular tourist destination. Trebizond was founded by the Byzantine Empire in the 5th century. The name of the city means “on the rich soil”. Emperor Justinian the Great established the city and named it after his friend, the Greek soldier Justinian. The early history of Trebizond is not well-documented. Some sources date its founding to the 5th century AD, while other date it to the 4th century BC. The city was founded in the time of the Lydian Kingdom and became an important trade centre for the trade between the Roman Empire, Greece and India. Trebizond became a key city for the Byzantine Empire and the city was awarded the title of Metropolis in the 11th century. After the Turkish sultans captured the city in 1461, they allowed the city’s inhabitants to keep their Greek Orthodox faith. Under the Turks, Trebizond developed into an important city, one of the largest in the Empire. Before the 20th century, the city had a population of about 30,000 people. Trebizond is famous for its important ruins and beautiful beaches. The remaining walls of the walls of the City of Trebizond are quite large and can be seen from afar. Among the oldest and most interesting of Trebizond’s monuments is the Church of St. George (1100 AD). The Church is a simple basilica, with three naves and a vaulted ceiling. Today the building is part of the museum of the local people. The museum features an interesting collection of archaeological and historic finds. The courtyard of the Church is surrounded by an impressive wall,



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LS Ukrainian (Gentle) Angels Sets 34-50 335 2022 [New]

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